Inside a container, a "room" was created to receive customers.

In a minimal space, a pleasant waiting and meeting space with a fantastic view was created.

The challenge was the selection of furniture that does not become a claustrophobic space and that the circulation area is not compromised.

The decorative elements, too, were essential for a more comfortable environment that made us feel at home.

A contemporary room that exudes tranquility and comfort.

A neutral environment requires the introduction of elements that bring some interest to the space, so our bet was on a textured blue wallpaper, the pillows and foot covers in the same color. The lamps, of simple design, give interest to the space for its golden details.

A bright environment that has a reading area so you can enjoy some quality time in this beautiful and elegant space.





Designing a generously sized room implies a rational and functional definition of the layout and elements for a comfortable and visibly pleasant space.

This space allowed us to create different areas - living, dining, reading - without compromising the circulation and harmony of the environment. For this, the elements of the different spaces were personalized creating a harmonious and elegant space.

The wood tones, different textures and colors brought comfort and warmth to the environment.

Simplicity is the ultimate degree of sophistication.

- Leonardo Da Vinci -



13  /  02  /  2020

The unity between the customer, the concept, the space and the project is essential.


10  /  02  /  2020

One of the many questions we are asked is "How is a decoration project developed."


05  / 02  /  2020

Make it simple,
but significant.


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