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One of the many questions we are asked is "How is a decoration project developed."

Knowing that all projects are different, the stages of a decoration project are always the same. So, to answer this question, we have listed below the stages that any decoration project, developed by Stool Interiors:

Client Meeting

In the pre-project phase, we meet with the client to collect all the information from the client, about their ideas, tastes and needs. Preferably, this meeting takes place in the space to be intervened, for a first contact with the space and remove the notes necessary for the development of the project.

Project development

With all the information collected at the initial briefing, the interior designer will study the project and develop the concept according to the client's tastes and needs.

The colors and materials, the layout, the lighting, the furniture and decoration will be included in the project to be presented to the client.

Presentation of the project

After the conclusion of the project, a new meeting will be scheduled to present the decoration project.

After a first analysis, the customer will have the possibility to request any changes, and, together with the interior designer, adapt their tastes and pretensions to the space to intervene.

Project monitoring

If the client so wishes, the interior designer will accompany the entire process of ordering, delivering and finalizing the interior decoration project, in order to ensure that the project is completed according to the project.

"First concept. Then design."

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