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Interiors Design
Turnkey Projects
To decorete your house hold, or justa a room, we have the comlete interior design service pack (colour. Materirals, fabrics, furniture and layout studuy). This service pack includes full service supervision, from planning fase to project carryin out.
Online interior design advisory
To someone in need of guidance and support to decorate a household or a room, we can be th help you need. By means of photographs, or a by answering a small questionary we suggest elements, space layout so that it is possible to complete any project within your timing.

Colors, fabrics and materials*
If you mean to give a new fresh look to your house or room, we have the interior design service to help you select the fabrics, colors and other materials.

Space Layout*
If you need support with your householdcor or a room, we can provide our decoration advsory service that will help you create a more funtional and mús room.
* All the above mentioned services can be made in your house, or on our showroom, and can include full advisory service from planning to conclusion .
Interiors Renovations
Turnkey Projects
We make renewing projects for your house, or a room (bedroom, living-room, kitchen, toilet), with cost estimate and design to every costumer desire. This service includes full project advisory from planning to conclusion.
We have a wide variety of fabrics to personalize your household. A client can choose colors and patterns and we will produce it at your measure,
Curtains | Cushions | Bedspreads | Bedside Lamp

We resotore all kinds of furniture, after having made a carefull viability analisys, and cost estomate.

We have a wide variaty of upholstery fabrics to renew our personalize yor:
Sofas | Chairs and Armchairs | Chaise long | Bed Headboards

We execute all kinds of furniture at your request, after presenting a cost estimate .